Article: The Corvette Vanity Plates of the 45th Annual Corvette Expo

March 31, 2022

By Steve Burns in CORVETTEBlogger

Our coverage of any Corvette event isn’t complete until we’ve shared some of the cool and creative Corvette vanity plates we spotted over the weekend. So, as we conclude our coverage of the 45th annual Corvette Expo in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, we proudly present our vanity plate gallery below.

The Corvette Expo presented countless custom vanity plates. With hundreds of Corvettes both inside and outside throughout the LaConte Center grounds, the next great plate was usually just a few steps away. While wandering the aisles and aisles of Corvette we noted the variety of states from which attendees had traveled. We spied plates from as far north as Michigan, New York, and Canada. From the south, we saw plates from Georgia, Alabama, Florida, and others.

Read More: Click Here to view these creative plates.

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