Article: Take a Trip Through Over 100 Years of Chevrolet History

August 23, 2020

By Mitch Talley in CORVETTEBlogger

Take a trip through the glorious past of Chevrolet in this three-minute video, but the takeaway might be that this 109-year-old automaker’s best days could well be ahead of it.

“I’m really excited for the future of Chevrolet,” says Darby Barber, exterior designer. “I think it’s gonna be great.”

The company got its name from Louis Chevrolet, born in Switzerland and the son of a famous watchmaker. He eventually wound his way to Paris, where he began working on his automotive skills, and then after saving up enough money came to America where in 1911 he and Billy Durant formed the Chevrolet Motor Car Company.

Read More: Click Here to read a condensed history of GM and view the fact filled three minute video. The footage of the commentators for this video was filmed at the GM Heritage Center.

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