Article: Seven Generations, One Unifying Spirit

September 26, 2015

Each of the more than 1.6 million Corvettes produced since 1953 is linked by a common thread, spirit that inspires people to adopt the Corvette lifestyle.

By Richard Prince Photos by the author. MAGAZINE Corvette August 6, 2015

Corvette began as a bold but risky experiment whose future was far from guaranteed. But thanks to the hard work of a small, brilliant cadre of supporters and a healthy measure of luck, this now legendary car came back from the brink of extinction multiple times to evolve into something truly great. To help celebrate Corvette Magazine’s 100th issue, we’ve decided to take a look at look at the full breadth of Corvette history, with a focus on one example from each of the nameplate’s seven generations. Click here to read Richard's entire article.

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