Article: 2020 Corvette Owners Complain After Front Trunks Start Opening While Driving

July 20, 2020

By Ben Walker in GTnation

If you’re a petrol head, chances are you love your car almost as much as your own children, or maybe even your partner or maybe even more than all of them combined. A good, faithful car is something everyone needs in their life and it is not difficult to get attached to the vehicle like it was an actual member of your family.
Having said that though, no car is ever perfect. I’m sorry its just not and your 1987 Mustang or whatever is absolutely no exception. You may love it more than your own flesh and blood but there is always going to be something which eventually needs fixing, replacing or removing. Thankfully though its normally a case of unavoidable wear and tear, but sometimes it can be a little more serious.

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