Article: Buying a 2020 Corvette as an Investment? Sell It Now for the Best Return!

May 13, 2020

By Keith Cornett in CORVETTEBlogger

We’ve been hearing a lot lately about how the 2020 Corvette could be an instant collector car due to the UAW Strike and Coronavirus shutdowns that have kept current quantities of the new mid-engine sportscar under 2,700 units. We debunked the idea that Chevrolet would be shelving the 2020 model year once the coronavirus lockdown was lifted and Chevrolet’s own PR department flat out stated that once production resumes, more 2020 Corvettes will be made.

We caught this article on Yahoo Autos today about how the 2020 Corvette was now an “instant collectible” (we would argue that it always was) due to the model year’s low production count. Within the story was how someday “the 2020 Corvette could be mentioned in the same conversation of collectibility as the 1963 split window, 1996 Grand Sport and maybe even the C3 L-88.” That’s all well and good, but each of these models are special to collectors for their own reasons: the 1963 Split-window featured a one-year design, the 1996 Grand Sports (and its one-year LT4 motor) were a limited edition subset of all 1996 production, and the C3 L88s were limited to just 196 quantities.

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