Article: Hagerty Interviews Retired Corvette Ride and Handling Engineer Jim Mero

April 21, 2020

By Alex Sommers in

English aficionados may have spotted an irregularity (or several, who knows?) in Quick Shifts this weekend, specifically on third gear which was dubbed “isolation interviews” but only contained a single digital sit-down between the fine folks at and Corvette Racing Driver, Tommy Milner.

The column originally featured a second link to the Hagerty Media site but we decided that their video guest deserved a standalone shout out on your favorite Corvette blog.

The interviewee was none other than recently retired Corvette Ride and Handling Vehicle Dynamics Engineer, Jim Mero who was appropriately referred to by Hagerty as The Corvette ‘Ringmeister.

Read More: Click Here to view the one hour video of the interview with Jim Mero as he describes how he became Corvette's premier test driver and what a day at work is like for him.

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