Article: The Hash Marks on the 2020 Corvette Are Made Up of Tiny C8 Logos

March 28, 2020

By Keith Cornett in

We know how much owners like to show off the tiny C8 crossed-flags logos that are featured on their new mid-engine sports cars. Here’s another Easter Egg sighting on the 2020 Corvette Stingray.

If you get up close to the 2020 Corvette Coupe, you’ll find the tiny C8 logos on both the front headlights and at the top of the glass rear hatch assembly.

And now for owners that ordering their Corvettes with one of the three Hash Mark graphics, you’ll have tiny C8 logos there as well. These closeup photos come from our friend Adam Boca of the NCM Insurance Agency who noticed the detail as it was displayed on a new 2020 Corvette awaiting R8C Museum Delivery.

Read More: Click Here to see pictures of this logo in the Hash Mark graphics on the car of Juan Conception.

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