This ZR-12 Corvette Was Created To Eclipse An Excessive Competitor

April 14, 2018Andy Bolig April 09, 2018

Some of the greatest Corvette creations were a direct result of an openly competitive challenger from across town. Such is the case with this over-the-top example of a C4 Corvette that was dipped in the pool of testosterone-laden monster juice back in the early nineties.

When you think back to the way things were, you begin to understand just how obscenely over-the-...
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Engine Builders Are Moving To Thinner Rings—And Here’s Why

April 14, 2018Jeff Smith April 09, 2018

The classic Hollywood line is you can’t be too rich or too thin. While full-figured starlets may now be finding favor in Tinseltown, the too-thin line is still in vogue when it comes to piston rings. It wasn’t all that long ago when state-of-the-art racing piston ring thicknesses hovered between 1/16-inch and 0.043-inch. The current state of production engines now ...
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Michigan Corvette Events --- Larry Courtney

April 13, 2018CORVETTES IN THE D

I am sorry to say that the parking lot at the Ren Cen is no longer available for the planned ZR 1 event on Sunday May 20, 2018. THE EVENT IS CANCELLED


When the Kingsley/Radisson Hotel parking lot was no longer available I moved the event to the M1 Concourse. Over 650 Corvettes were there. We made an American Flag with C...
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