Corvette Fest Is June 17, 2017 --- More Details

March 16, 2017Click here to print the 2017 Corvette Fest Show Graphic.

Save the date, plan to bring the kids and spend the day with us at the 2017 Corvette Fest Show at Canterbury Village. We will have some of the area’s most memorable Corvettes and unique shopping opportunities at Canterbury Village on June 17, 2017. Show admission is free.

The 2017 Guest Marque is the Chevrolet Camaro. We will have si...
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What if GM Built a Corvette SUV?

March 27, 2017This article is from The Detroit News:

Click here to read the Detroit News article on their web site.

The Detroit News is sponsoring a contest to determine what do you think a Corvette SUV should look like?

Create your own design and enter The Detroit News design contest. Our team of judges — ex-Corvette chief engineer Tom Wallace, Detroit News auto columnist Henry Payne and Detroit New...
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Baby Boomer Might be Getting Too Old for Sports Cars

March 23, 2017By David Welch, Bloomberg in Driving

Baby boomers are starting to outgrow their midlife crisis years, and that’s bad news for automakers who want to sell sports cars.

It was a sign of things to come this month when Ford idled its Mustang plant for a week as sales for the year fell 9 per cent. Other sports cars have faded at a similar rate, and even stalwarts like the Chevrolet Corvette and...
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