Purchase Your Next Corvette From Costco!

July 28, 2014Do you still go to your dealership and kick the tires? Or are you one of those that go online and buy your car? These days you can get a new car in a variety of ways including from Costco, yes, you read correctly Costco the warehouse retailer! This week on Autoline join host John McElroy along with TrueCar’s Larry Dominique, Jim Prueter from Costco and traditional Chevy dealer Scott LaRiche as the...
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New Pictures On Web Site and Club Blog

July 24, 2014Check the Picture Gallerys for a small set of pictures from our July Cruise to Bull Frog. click here

There are new pictures of Leonard & Barbara K's 2008 Victory Red Corvette in the Member Corvette Gallery.

The GMC Corvette Set does have a Blog. The Blog is open to the Public and the Public can now comment on our posts. Club Members that wish to be Blog Authors and add Posts to the Club's.....
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