Article: A Look Back at Le Mans 1960 Narrated by Corvette Driver, Dick Thompson

January 18, 2019

By Andy Bolig in Corvetteonline

Corvette Racing is warming up tires and engines around the famed Daytona speedway in preparation for the up-coming season-opener 24-hour race. We thought a look back at Corvette’s initial foray into the international race circuit might be a fitting hold-over until the flag drops on the last weekend in January.

With a string of championships under their belt, it’s easy to forget the hard-fought battles that surrounded Corvette at the very beginning of its global climb to stardom. Each of the four Corvettes and their drivers that were entered in the 1960 running of the 24-hours of Le Mans fought against some of the best, and most well-equipped teams the world has to offer.

Read More: Click Here to read more about this iconic race which was a first year effort for Corvette. Take the time to view the 34 minute video of Dick Thompson describing Le Mans and commenting on the trials and tribulations of the four Corvette teams during this race.

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