Article: Mid-Engined Corvette Spied Testing At The Nürburgring!

October 28, 2018

Tommy Parry October 24, 2018 Corvette Online

Underneath the camouflaged exterior, the proportions of the C8 Corvette prototype are obviously that of a mid-engined machine, and the exhaust note — quite muted by Corvette standards — suggests the powerplant might be turbocharged, which has been backed up in the proposed list of engines here. However, there are stringent sound restrictions at the Nürburgring which could be a factor contributing to the muted burble.

What isn’t up for speculation is how well the car corners. A remarkable sure-footedness, staggering traction, and composure over the bumpier sections of the Nordschleife are obvious. It even tucks its shortened nose in neatly with a rub of the brake (0:40), and due to the shorter length of its snout, is definitely easier to place.

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