Pictures from Finger Lakes

October 15, 2017Thirty-one couples and individual members of the GMC Corvette Set traveled to the Finger Lakes in New York on September 14, 2017 to enjoy the company of the club members and their Corvettes. The group stayed at the Microtel in Penn Yan, NY and enjoyed many activities over the weekend. These activities included laps around Watkins Glen, the Corning Glass Museum, and more. As is evidenced by a coupl...
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2018 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1: Everything We Know

October 15, 2017By Chris Perkins in R&T

The Corvette Z06 is comfortably one of the fastest cars on sale, but apparently that's not good enough for Chevy. It's cooking up a new Corvette ZR1 that looks like a track-ready monster. As ever with future cars like this, Chevy hasn't confirmed anything about the ZR1 (or even that it exists, for that matter), but thanks to lots of spy photos and rumors, we have a good ...
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Go Behind the Wheel in an SCCA T1 Race at Watkins Glen

October 15, 2017By Philip Royle in Racer

Many of our the GMC Corvette Set members had the opportunity to follow a pace car around Watkins Glen in their race ready(?) Corvettes in September. They (supposedly) were restricted to the 55 mph of the pace car. The attached article contains a through-the-windshield video of an actual race at Watkins Glen. The second video (34.55 min) is through the windshield of a 20...
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