Home Delivery Of Members 2017 Corvette

July 26, 2017Allen accepts delivery of his new Corvette at home!

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What’s ahead in 2018 … and a little farther down the road (C8!)

July 26, 2017By: Don Sherman

Nirvana will descend upon the Corvette crowd in 18 months.

Chevy is celebrating the Corvette’s 65th birthday with a lavish 2018 model range, a few product upgrades, and a special Carbon 65 edition. That sets the stage for the new ZR1 coming this fall with an expected 750 horsepower and state-of-the-art aero tech. I’m convinced this rev up of America’s favorite sports ca...
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1968 427 Corvette vs 1982 Cross-fire injection Corvette

July 1, 2017By Scott Teeters in SuperChevy

When Corvette fans first feasted their eyes upon the late summer 1967 car magazines, fans were expecting a new “Shark” Corvette. Chevrolet had been working the crowds and stoking fans with the Mako Shark-II show car. Once again, the new Corvette was drastically unlike anything else on the road. To rush the car into production, the new Corvette used the existin...
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