For Sale - Michelin Pilot Super Sport ZR Tires

December 10, 2014Michelin Pilot Super Sport ZR Tires.

(2) P245/40ZR18 and
(2) P285/35ZR19. (Summer.)

Take offs with 7000 Miles.
Used on all C-6 & C-7 Corvettes.

Asking $600.00 (Tire Rack $1,480.00 New. )

Contact Bob Crane
586-778-4120 X-6255 Work

Web Master's note: This type of Web Site advertisment is new Member Service that the GMC Board Approved on December 09, 2014. For the pr....
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2014 Christmas Party Picture Gallery

December 7, 2014To view the first group of 2014 Christmas Party Pictures click here.
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GM Designers Start Restoring Sinkhole Corvette

December 7, 2014Mark Phelan, a Detroit Free Press Auto Critic wrote this article. Bob C brought the Article to our attention.

General Motors designers have begun the painstaking task of fixing the one-millionth Chevrolet Corvette, 10 months after it plunged through a hole in the Earth.

"The whole car's going to have to come apart," said Dave Bolognino, director of GM Design Fabrication, which makes parts......
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