Peeking Behind Chevy's Curtains

August 3, 2017By Kelly Crandell in Racer

Nestled in the heart of the Huntersville, North Carolina, business park is an office building like many others. But its exterior and the name on the door give away nothing regarding what's inside.

This is the home of the Chevrolet simulator.

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National Corvette Museum now offers hot laps as part of delivery option

August 3, 2017By Sean Szymkowski in GM Authority

Taking your brand new C7 Corvette to the track is definitely not the brightest move. There are break-in miles to occur before any sort of spirited driving is condoned.
However, the National Corvette Museum now offers the next best thing as a part of the museum delivery option: hot laps in one of their own Corvettes.

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Goss's Garage: Advice on keeping your car's electrical system operating properly

August 3, 2017By Pat Goss in Motor Week

Today’s tires have all kinds of electric gadgets on them. And to make all of that work we need several of these… wire harnesses they’re all over underneath the car hidden where you can’t see them. There are hundreds of wires, and one of the big problems is something like we see in this wire connector it is corrosion, and corrosion like that could upset just ab...
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